Yuniparts Ltd

are manufacturers and direct-from-factory importers of an ever growing range of high quality reproduction motorcycle parts.  We mainly deal with parts for Yamahas from 1969-1989 and our specialist knowledge is with the XT500 and TT500 models.  As we are a tiny business with the normal lack of finance and hours in the day...this website is not yet set up for direct sales.  For now, we must direct you to "Yuni's Place" - our Ebay shop, which is as badly organised as we are.  However, you may find treasure in our cave as we do not buy any parts from wholesalers or other UK sources.  Our latest product release is the first in a range of replacement factory a fraction of OEM cost. Take a look!


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Restoration Packs of Flanged Head Bolts - with near identical design and finish of original factory fittings!

Yamaha TZ125 1980 Special Bolt Pack Q00112

Yamaha YZ490 1986 Special Bolt Pack Q00214


Yuniparts Ltd. See Ebay for all contact details...